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Project Description
Insight is an Open Source user friendly tool for building and executing ETL packages. Primary purpose for insight is to allow non skilled users (such as Business Analysts) to build and execute ETL Packages. End users feed simple steps in insight as actions and Insight converts these simple actions to a complex ETL Packages. So tool hides the complexities of building ETL packages from the end user. Insight is designed to build ETL packages using SSIS, however design is scalable to incorporate other ETL Technologies also.

Insight uses SSIS Design Time Library for SSIS package creation. SSIS Components which are supported are given below;
Control Flow
o Execute SQL Task
Data Flows
Data Flow Transforms
o Aggregate
o Conditional Split
o Derived Column
o Sort
o Union ALL
o Multi Cast
o Merge Join
o Row Count
o Script Component
o OLE DB Command
OLE DB Source
OLE DB Destination

Future Phase
- Data Validations: Compare data fetched between each actions.
- Version Management : Simple Version Management System to track changes in the model
- Encapsulation: Provision to create a reusable model s and use reusable model in as BY REF or BY VAL in parent model.

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